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IMG_9317 Kevin Harvick CarIMG_9326 Kevin Harvick CarIMG_9351 Fans Enter EL ASGIMG_9356 Taking off the tarpIMG_9370 Chris MarreroIMG_9395 Kyle Drabek and New Hampshire Fisher CatsIMG_9414 Colbe Herr High School HR winnerIMG_9455 Kevin Harvick Autograph sessionIMG_9473 Kevin Harvick Signing ItemsIMG_9535 Chris Marrero EL HR contest finalistIMG_9549 Hector Gimenez 2010 EL HR contest ChampionIMG_9610 Kevin Harvick interviewIMG_9614 Kyle Drabek Eastern Division StarterIMG_9620 Andy DirksIMG_9622 Josh HarrisonIMG_9623 Hector GimenezIMG_9642 Austin RomineIMG_9662 Ray ChangIMG_9670 Matt RizzottiIMG_9702 Deolis Guerra